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Eeveelution’s Epic Yarn


Mommy misses you so much Nidalee. :c


Night Fury doodles



Born without the use of her hind legs, Lola learned to walk just fine.

Lola don’t give a shit. Lola got places to be. 


Witty Greeting Cards by Two Hens


You know that feeling when you drink too much
of a certain liquor and then even the sight of it
makes you feel unsteady?

That’s how I feel when I write poems about you.

Tonight I kissed three people on the mouth
because I still don’t know what you taste like.
I feel like I am always two parts tequila,
one part longing.


"Garnish With A Lime Wedge" Trista Mateer (via tristamateer)

My name is Victoria, I'm 20, and this is my outlet.  Feel free to follow, but I don't always follow back. I reblog my thoughts, and rant when I need to.
If you want to ask anything -anon or not- I'm extremely open..

Enjoy <3

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